Delhi, the national capital of fantastic India is best place to roam in. Synonymous with different variation, Delhi has consistently been the focal point of all activities in India which is reflected in its travel industry. Today it's a presentation of the historical backdrop of India. Going in Delhi isn't simply restricted to history however it's a stage to take over a significant time span connected at the hip. Mixed with current headways, Delhi is the cutting edge city of Troy. The amalgamation of all religion and related prayer places of various beliefs existing together in harmony is the confirmation of the solidarity in decent variety. Delhi offers various vacation destinations running from landmarks, exhibition halls, places of worship to glittering markets. Exploring the city resembles seeing a mini India, with Delhi Tourism being an impression of rich culture of India. Travel in New Delhi is best experienced in cool climate i.e. from November to March. But company of right travel means as luxury tempo traveler on rent with air condition and other amenities enhances your travel fun.

So come let’s dig into some interesting tourist destinations of Delhi that are perfect for Heritage tour:

·Humayun's Tomb Delhi - Being one of the most great structures in Delhi, the Humayun's Tomb which is found advantageously at the banks of Yamuna River is a splendid building quality of the Mughal time frame. The Mausoleum is fundamentally a tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun which was worked during the 1560s by Humayun's oldest spouse Bega Begum after his passing. Today the tomb is a significant fascination among the travelers visiting Delhi. It is the appeal and glory of this impressive structure that pulls in many tourists consistently over the globe.

The tomb is worked of redstone and the vault of the tomb is made of white marble. Going for a stroll inside the Humayun's Tomb, one could locate the design highlights involving the Baradari (structure) and a Hammam (shower chamber). The inside of the tomb is a huge octagonal chamber with vaulted rooftop compartments interconnected by displays or passageways. This equivalent octagonal arrangement is rehashed on the second story of the tomb.  You can also go for Charbagh Garden, Indian art palace nearby.

 Qutub Minar-Worked in the thirteenth century Qutub Minar isn't just the most elevated block minaret on the planet yet in addition one of the well known verifiable milestones of India. Being the social UNESCO World Heritage Site, Qutub Minar pulls in a large number of guests ordinary. Visiting the place of interest, one would run over the encompassing archeological zone that contains funerary structures, quite the glorious Alai-Darwaza Gate, the perfect work of art of Indo-Muslim craftsmanship which was worked in the year 1311, and two mosques.

Worked out of redstone and marble, the three stories from the base are constructed utilizing red sandstone while the best two stories are made of marble and sandstone.

Being the important place of interest in Delhi, the landmark stays open from dawn to dusk for local people just as both national and international tourists. We cover most of heritage sights in Delhi sightseeing tour with best services of tempo traveler rental in Delhi.


President’s House- Scratched to the core of Central Delhi from the year 1929 is the most brilliant milestone throughout the entire existence of Indian design, Rashtrapati Bhavan. Likewise known by the name of Presidential Residence and Viceroy's House, this vacation spot is the official home of the President.

What we see currently is a monstrous building wonder which was worked during when Edwardian Baroque style of engineering was conspicuous. The style stressed on exhibiting overwhelming traditional themes which symbolized supreme power and heritage. Spread over a territory of 321 section of land, this vacation destination has 340 rooms, gigantic open space, Mughal Gardens to enjoy, meeting rooms, visitor rooms, stables, workplaces, home for staff and guardians, and significantly more. All of which offers to it the respect of being one of the world's biggest living arrangements of a head.  All sights of Delhi are located in different directions, so you can easily move with 12 seater tempo traveller hire.


· Tughlakabad Fort- When the magnificence of the city of Tughalakabd, today and the remnants of Tughalakabad Fort portrays the wonder and pride of medieval occasions. Taking on its last conflict against the anger of time, Tughalakabad Fort is an extraordinary spot to dig into and study the Tughlak administration. Dispatched by the Ghiyas-ud-racket Tughlaq, the stronghold was a delineation of his ability. Standing tall on the edge of the Tughlakabad city, a medieval city part of advanced Delhi. The Fort was an encapsulation of loftiness, with its tremendous design spreading the extent that one can. One can observe the engineering of the Fort that made it so exceptional. A smaller than usual climbing train in itself, the Fort holds numerous insider facts and one such mystery is the Tughlakabad Fort Baolis. Covered up on either side of the Fort, lies the two Baolis.

·Purana Quila- As the name recommends, Purana Quila is probably the most old fort established in Delhi which was worked under the Mughal head Humayun and the Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri, however in various occasions. The landmark's flawless engineering style and the inconceivable history connected to it, makes it as one of the must-see place in Delhi.

Stretching out across 1.5 km, the thick defenses of the post ascends to a tallness of 18 meters and have three embowed entryways. First is the Bara Darwaza 'Large Gate' that faces the west, second door is the Humayun Darwaza from where one can see Humayun's Tomb.

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